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The right ‘look’ and ‘feel’ of a website is achieved from the design. An ineffective web design will mean loss of money, loss of time, loss of effort and loss of potential clients. While the main aim of your website is to create a medium between your business and the global market, with the wrong design it becomes impossible to achieve this goal. We aim at your success through the effective designing for your website.

Our team goes the extra mile to get the design right and exactly as per your requirements. Our project managers work closely with you to ensure timely and successful achievement of every milestone throughout the website development process. We make it a point to pay close attention to detail because this ensures effective functionality. We conform to the W3C standards to ensure a high quality web design.

The usability of your website is of utmost importance because if it is not usable, your prospective clients will immediately leave the page. We make sure that the user finds exactly what he is looking for, is not confused by bright colors and ill placed navigational tools. We pay special attention to the web layout and organization of content. We stress on simple yet unique designs to ensure easy use by visitors and prospective clients.

We understand the importance of the ‘right’ web design for your website. Our technical experts and website designers possess in-depth knowledge of design and expertise in various scripting and coding languages such as HTML, XHTML, SQL, JavaScript, AJAX, html, ASP, C++ and Perl. We also hold proficiency in CSS, Joomla, Magento, CMS and object modeling.

    Nuwa Geniuses is an Integrated IT company with expertise across all It environments; we offer a variety of ideas in brand strategy, Easy and complex solutions to businesses. we manage, service and secure IT environments ensuring that our clients make prudent business decisions and deliver unmatchable IT solutions.


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