Business & Professional Grade Solutions

We are the business security & surveillance experts. Our Ultra and Elite-IP series are low-cost, high performance solutions that easily install and provide all the performance managers, business owners and IT managers need and expect.

If you would like a professionally designed system, we would be glad to help. Our experienced design experts are available to discuss your application and provide a detailed quote for a custom designed system. Give us a call during business hours or book an appointment that is convenient for you.

Commercial CCTV

Protect your place of business with high definition security cameras that not only records HD quality picture but also is designed to blend seamlessly into your commercial space’s existing décor.

surveillance system equipment as well as its installation


Residential CCTV

Monitor who and what goes in and out of your place of residence with a Wi-Fi enabled network of surveillance cameras. Investing in home surveillance systems secures your private property.

Industrial CCTV

Security systems do more than just monitor break-ins and theft. Surveillance cameras discourage and record instances of insurance fraud, saving priceless money from law suits.

Offices CCTV

Maximize the efficiency of your office. Security cameras keep employees inline and on time. CCTV can be accessed remotely from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

A 5-Star Rating You Can Trust!

Advanced access control systems track employee, visitor and equipment movements in and out of your premises and restricted areas within your facility. They can automate employee time & attendance reporting and integrate with video systems to document movements. They are available with a range of security badge options and can be paired with biometric systems for dual verification.

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